Through equal love, the dance performance ‘RAPTURE’ seeks to challenge the conservative Christian faith of the church. By conveying a story of love between two women, the aim is to show that love is the same regardless of the gender of its subjects. 

The set design is the church nave and chancel, and only one new element has been introduced, a bridal veil that is wrapped around the room. The project will collect used bridal veils, and sew these together into one huge veil. In this way, the veil becomes a patchwork of different women's personal stories, from both homosexual and heterosexual marriages. At the same time, it will not be possible to distinguish between which veils come from heterosexual and which veils come from homosexual marriages, highlighting that we all go into one collective story of love and marriage, no matter the sexual orientation. 

As part of the preliminary project, we made a short excerpt in the form of a video documentary, interviewing church leaders, a priest, and a married couple. This initiative will continue as a multidisciplinary work where will combine video with performing arts and create a broader spectrum of the theme. 

In connection with the performances, we invite the audience to open conversations around the topic, prejudices, and personal stories. 

Through dance, music, poetry, video documentary, and open conversations, the project encourages gender equality.



Choreographer: Ann-Terese Aasen
Set designer/Costume designer: Silje Sandodden Kise
Video artist: David Alræk
Producer: Camilla Svingen, Syv mil
Co-Creative dancers: Ingvild Krogstad and Ane Evjen Gjøvåg

Voiceover: Ingvild Krogstad
Composer/photographer: Jørn Lavoll
Dramaturg: Ivar Tindberg
Light and sound technicians: Alexander Peschina and Marius Peschina

Supported by:
Bergen Municipality, Bergesenstiftelsen, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord and Vestland fylkeskommune, Proscen and Bergen Dance Centre - regional competence center for dance. The pre-project was supported by The Norwegian Arts Council.