With equal love, the dance performance RAPTURE seeks to challenge the conservative Christian faith in the church room. Portraying equal love, this dance and documentary project seeks to challenge the conservative Christian faith in the church room. By conveying the love story between two women, the aim is to show that love is the same regardless of the gender of its subjects. We might think the deeply religious live in the same reality as everyone else. RAPTURE seeks to show that this is not the case. These types of communities put the Bible's teachings above Norwegian law and morals, and believe that marriage is God's creation and thereby God's rules should apply. According to this view point, gay marriage will be to defy God's rules of living.

The preliminary project of RAPTURE will conclude with a work-in-progress performing at Oktoberdans 2020; a dance festival hosted by BIT Teatergarasjen, 22–31 October. The main project will take place in 2021, and consist of dance performances in several church rooms in Norway.

Film Documentary

A film documentary as part of RAPTURE is in development. Interview subjects are representatives from various organizations, gay people in Christian communities and other private individuals. The documentary will be an important part of the project. Some of the interviews were carried out during the preliminary project, and a teaser will soon be published. The aim of the documentary is to show love stories, both the good and the bad, with the Christian belief as a foundation.

Video artist David Alræk will continue the work of the documentary into the main project as a multidisciplinary work. Video combined with performing arts will bring a larger dimension to the theme. Shorter artistic videos from the documentary will be used as part of the program in the church room and presented to the audience. This will serve as an introduction to the theme.



Choreographer: Ann-Terese Aasen
Set designer/Costume designer: Silje Sandodden Kise
Video artist: David Alræk
Producer: Camilla Svingen, Syv mil
Co-Creative dancers: Ingvild Krogstad and Ane Evjen Gjøvåg

Voiceover: Ingvild Krogstad
Composer/photographer: Jørn Lavoll
Dramaturg: Ivar Tindberg
Light and sound technicians: Alexander Peschina and Marius Peschina

Supported by:
Norwegian Arts Council, Bergen Municipality, Proscen and Bergen Dance Centre - regional competence center for dance